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Nathan Payne is a songwriter and bandleader who travels the world in search of the golden ticket.  With 21 albums to his credit, he now resides in Latin America.  Listen to select tracks on ReverbNation, and click on the button below for his full discography.

Denver Williams is a songwriter from Ft. Worth, Texas.  The music he creates all ends up in a psychedelic grab bag.  Reach your hand in, and see what you pull out.

Dreamy Life & Cloudland present:   "River Song"

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Performing Country Folk Rock Blues with an Outlaw Christian Attitude, Moondog is known to prowl the streets of Jerome, Arizona with a guitar and a broadsword, striking both fear and good humor in the hearts of passersby.  A Jerome favorite, Moondog can regularly be seen busking on the steps.  Throw him a dollar if you see him.  He's scary, yeah I know, but he really needs the money.

"I am a moth, always going towards the light,

even the flames in search of the moon."

Izzy Cox was a true artist, a songwriter and performer of the highest caliber.  We met on the dead-end circuit in L.A., and shared several shows together over the years.  She spent 7 or 8 years touring nonstop, living in her car, a true road warrior and kindred spirit.  The last time I saw her was at yet another show, this time in Austin.  We sat on the bench outside the venue and smoked too many cigarettes and had a few laughs.  She gave me a copy of what would

Photo by Ricardo Acevedo

turn out to be her last album, Ballads For The Nearly Departed.  I went back to my van and that was it.  I never saw her again.  Within 2 years she'd be dead of pancreatic cancer.  I didn't know that, listening to her album repeatedly over subsequent tours.  It's an amazing piece of work; there isn't a bad song on it, and the production and musicianship are top-notch.  It is one of my favorite albums of all time.  I was very saddened to hear of her death.  Happy trails, old friend.  You are missed.

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