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Nathan Payne - Stray Songs

Stray Songs.png

Released in November 2019, Stray Songs is a collection of out-takes and bonus tracks from Nathan Payne's albums between 2001-2015.  Songs and/or recordings that for whatever reason didn't work, and have found themselves wandering the streets of whatever city they happened to be written in.  They are now gathered together in this musical homeless shelter for your amusement.

Nathan Payne - Live in Santiago

Live in Santiago.jpeg

Recorded by Rodrigo Moya at Onaciu in Santiago de Chile, Live in Santiago is an excellent snapshot of Nathan Payne's tour of Latin America in October 2018.  Recorded from beginning to end without any editing, Live in Santiago contains many live standards, old favorites like "A Beautiful Place," and even a ramshackle cover of "Blue Velvet."