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Live in Santiago.jpeg

The Poor Man's

Nick Cave Tour

In October 2018, Nathan Payne  went on a tour of Latin America, following Nick Cave from Mexico City to Las Vegas by way of South America.

The Poor Man's Nick Cave Tour took the same path as the real Nick Cave tour, except it was a lot dirtier, and more insane. 

Recorded from beginning to end with no editing by Rodrigo Moya at Onaciu in Santiago de Chile, Live in Santiago is an excellent snapshot of the tour.  In addition to many live standards, it also contains old favorites like "A Beautiful Place," and even a ramshackle cover of "Blue Velvet."

Released on Dia De Los Muertos 2018, the perfect day to release a live album, Live in Santiago is available on Bandcamp via private download code.  Contact us for more information.

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